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Kami Vase, Big - Bone White

Kami Vase, Big - Bone White

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 Inspired by paper bags, Kami Vase emphasises the aesthetics of crisp and crumbled paper bags. Kami, the Japanese word for paper bags, is an ode to the Japanese way of working with paper art. Kami vases has an uneven surface with curves and cracks, former the shape of a crumbled paper back with crisp white endings and edges. Kami emphasizes beautiful organic design with a handmade touch. Kami Vases comes in three different sizes and is made from ceramic. The surface is hand glazed in order to achieve a unique mat surface texture. The colours may vary slightly, due to that it’s a handmade product. Glazed on the inside with waterproof lacquer, Kami is 100% waterproof and can be used for fresh flowers. 

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

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