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Norm Architects & Els van Hoorebeeck

Co Dining Chair, upholstered seat with armrest, Chrome

Co Dining Chair, upholstered seat with armrest, Chrome

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Inspired by The Office Group's deep understanding of workplace requirements, the Co Chair embodies a perfect fusion of lightweight elegance and exceptional seating comfort. Additionally, it offers the unique feature of stackability, allowing up to 10 chairs to be stacked. The design's aesthetic appeal lies in its contoured form and the use of warm materials, showcasing the renowned soft minimalism of Norm Architects that seamlessly transitions into residential and hospitality environments.

Versatility lies at the core of this design, achieved through meticulous construction and an extensive range of materials. With a plethora of veneer finishes and upholstery options available, the Co Chair can be effortlessly personalized to create the desired expression and enhance the overall experience. Notably, the chair stands out with its wide veneer back, ensuring freedom of movement and providing optimal comfort. Moreover, the backrest has been thoughtfully positioned and angled to deliver exceptional support, prioritizing comfort as a primary design principle.

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