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Catena Sofa Armrest Right L401 Rich Linen - Natural

Catena Sofa Armrest Right L401 Rich Linen - Natural

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The embracing, beanbag-inspired shape of our low-slung Catena sofa is generously dimensioned for all-out relaxation and cosiness: we call it ‘low living’. The name Catena is inspired by the catenary curve, a u-like shape that a chain or cable adopts when supported only at its ends, and which is mirrored in the soft curves and top-stitched seams of the Catena sofa. The homely, module-based designs are made with innovative microcellular foam that ensures maximum comfort as well as durability. The series comprises six individual modules that can be combined in multiple ways to create the desired expression.

This item is part of our Made to Order customisation concept. The upholstery for this item can be selected from a range of high-quality fabrics in different colours and patterns to create your custom piece of furniture.

Please note: This product is not available for UK delivery.

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